JuggleSim siteswap simulator


JuggleSim 2.0 is now released!

JuggleSim is available for Windows, Linnx and Mac. Click the links below to proceed to the download pages.




JuggleSim 2.0 release notes
  • Now has a figure that is simulated rather than just the balls
  • Improved interface; now uses a multiple document interface that elliminates the need for heaps of windows open when you have multiple simulation windows open.
  • Fixed bug with balls seperating in scoop in multiplex patterns
  • Improved anagrams finder speed, now works very quickly for patterns with periods less than 12 for vanilla siteswap.
  • Anagrams finder automatically opens beneath siteswap entry box when there is a collision in the siteswap.
  • More animation settings (ball size, gravity, throws per second and dwell ratio) and easier access with controls at bottom of window
  • Unlimited undo/redo
  • 'Natural pattern entry'; this allows entering of patterns such as '3 ball shower' which will automatically evaluate to 51
  • New favourites window that allows sorting, naming and editing patterns and is easily accessible by the button to the right of the siteswap entry box
  • JuggleSim now remembers more settings such as the size of the window when it was last opened and whether it was maximised
  • Allows easy comparison of simulations with 'tile vertically' command
  • Better, more intuitive arrangement of menu items
  • Same interface for animation settings rather than having two versions like in version 1.0
  • Automatically update simulations in real-time

  • Disclaimer

    JuggleSim has no warranty express or implied.
    While it is unlikely that JuggleSim could cause any damage to a computer, I take no responsibility for any damage caused by it.

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